Rain Shower



Rain shower on a judgment day
The deal lovers what they never say
Get yourself covered or be put away
Life style of those

[Chorus:] 2x

Unfortunately there is no purity in dutty livity
Many take to tha evil so quickly
So do the good you can today yeah yeah
(So be the strong you can today )

The way they go about many take the note
Knowing from the shout someone just drop out
Be wise and trod on to ZION way

[Verse 1:]

See a man face cyaah see him heart
Who run di place who nuffy walk
Earth free like grass but rass
Mi just a find out seh bagga d nuffy cross
War start yah again a tell yuh such is life
It goes on till it flush and crush di devil weh nuh right
Lane and avenues dem clamp dung tight
Yow check dis out over wrongs dem uptight
Notice i burn all dem church
It nuh mek nuh sense yuh come defend nuh turf
Mi done a tell yuh seh ETHIOPIA dat a di first
Mi burn JAMAICA a dat babylon a corrupt and curse

[Chorus] 2x

[Verse 2]

Look out watch out listen di shout inna di street
SELASSIE I change di gunman and di thief
Bun out di tears from out a di wheat
Ghetto yutes hungry what happen dem have to eat
To how dem system set it choke di one dem weh weak
A nuh pretty ting caah babylon deh undaneath
No one fi trust caah di judgment a beat hey
Neva sleep caah di enemies a creep

[Chorus] 2x

Repeat Intro