Random Song

Beautiful Woman

Toots & The Maytals

Yeah she's such a beautiful woman
And she has so many ugly men
And when she goes to the market place
She'd leave all character at home.
And when she starts her conversation
Everyone of her friends would cry of shame
And she walks like a lady,
Acts like a lady, don't ask me why

(sing along)
Beautiful woman, beautiful woman, beautiful woman
Will drive you crazy

Look here! Here come Billy
And he's one of her ugly men
He says 'hello friend'
Then I began to tell the story
About this beautiful woman that I have seen
Then Billy turns to me and says:
'Looks like ev'ry woman is the same'
Then I shake my head and say:
'No Billy, let me tell you, I can't believe
ev'ry woman could be the same'


Look here! Here comes good ole Sam
Comes to town, meets this girl, falls in love
And the girl keep driving him crazy
She just actin' like a lady for a short while
And she walks like a lady, acts like a lady
Don't ask me why
But I know that when she gets warmed up,
Then she gets started
Then she gets crazy
She'll take off every piece of her clothes in the street

(sing along) chorus....