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Genocide (Bullet)

Bounty Killer

BULLET!!! War dem a shouldn't
It's a shouldn't why they shouldn't
How could it? BULLET!!! BULLET!!! Well!!!

Alliance yuh diss yuh get BULLET
Hand grenade pin yuh know I gwaan pull it
Well! We tek in queer fi swap soul fi career
So yuh scare when time yuh hear BULLET
But if yuh buck show a man yuh get BULLET
Matches Lane, Junglist, dem seh BULLET
Macilane, Seaview, Waterhouse, Southside
Rockfort truth and still seh a BULLET

Verse 1:
Mi ready fi end dem career just like last year December
I am Warlord I'm di bloodclaat contender
I am prepared fi dun all dem contender
And I'm never scared I'm di Warlord defender
Diss di alliance Fascheenie remember
Rupaul and Peter King is on yuh agenda
Mi nuh back down mi smack clown man a big money spender
Wanna buy a ticket and enter
Been on di forefront pon twelve years and four months
Dem try to remove mi but I give dem black blunts
This buss dem alarm yah from Christmas dem a goner
A drama dem a nuh badman dem a cokehead informa
Sip a martini man like mussolini
Bun Baby Cham prom and mi teflon Besheenie
Faggot Barhead who seh dat him Houdini
Seh him kill mi a dream him a dreamy
Rodney mi gun dem nuff till dem a mad mi
Bwoy fi dead Warlord do it gladly
Yuh genocide mi yuh ride gruesome and madly
Murda di muma and di daddy
Mi lay dem to rest, Fascheenie Man get cementary address
A teflon mi use dun Barhead in chest
Gather Lady Cham ashes before sunset
Dem waan bulletproof so my bulletproof vest
Mi bring terror cess inna enemies nest
Di guns a weh mi fire a give yuh my damn [ ... ]