Random Song

I See Love

Chuck Fender

This one fill a di beautiful princess ???
From the poor people offender chuck fender
Uuuoohhhhh stand need ?????love yuh so

I see love in your eyes,i see love when you smile
I know di dun you shy,just to say you wanna gimme a try oh girl x 2

(Verse 1)
Oh my baby come on,i'm so cold girl a need to be warm now,i need to hold you One more time in my arms now,i need to give you all my lovin girl i'm need to Give you all a my trums now,wah could be better?
Then me and you in this rainy weather
This slow atmosphere a be go treasure
Like birds let's fly together
Come on either because

Chorus x 2

(Verse 2)
You have mi clamin to your window
Sneakin to your door
Upstairs and downstairs screamin out for more
Your father was cruel,your mother was mad
When (you heard)? you have a likkle baby callin me dad