Oh Yes Baby


There she goes, my way

Girl you got to be with me
For the rest of my life, OH yess baby
Girl I'm gonna give you love that make you feel so right, Oh yess baby
Girl i'm gonna fuck you so hard tonight, OH yess baby
Girl how yu punanny so fat and tight,Oh yess baby

Verse 1:
By her place, I went to pick her up
I know to find the most exact place when I bring her out
No defile, squeeze up her cliteros
And brighten up her smile
She love it when I lift her up
Like a new born child
I'm here to hear only dat out der
The vibes, the love, we really share
You never leave, you be so near
Hey girl! i've got your size, right here
With words, indute,a mile be there
To pull your draz, and loose gravile
And stuff my dick in your punnanny my dare
Getting close to my girl, you hear


Verse 2:
Might sound outragous, mi strent and mi energy
A save up fi di one marsion
Mi always a blaze up
Everytime she see mi wid har sexy self
She wet up, she a walk and a flash it
And mek mi sit'in raise up
Me a tell yu how yu feel, you tell me stop it
Have har in mi bed a siddung pon mi big stiff
Aah, so she gwaan like ms hottie hottie
Mi ago blaze up a fire cas mi got ti


Verse 3:
Hardcore love, mi love tek off yu panty
Hey girl, come rub it up pon me
Di riddimatic, kali dub it up pon ni
You want more fi sure,open yu foot gal pikney
She get it all di while,ey yu fat sit'in fit me
Dem caah cramp yuh style, you have di fitness
Aah because mi a witness
Yo! this is a emergency
Feel like she ago explode, give har urgently
Tek off har cloth, and put dung jewelry
Har fat stiff breast mi just hold and mi see
And go push it up, push it up
In har pumpum, mek she scream
Have har a wrap pon mi cock
And just fullfil har dream