No Time To Gaze


Just make yuh self prepare
I'm travelling over borders and frontiers
I an I an I just care
Watch yah nuh ghetto yutes cho

Chorus: (2x)
There is no time to gaze
Some come fi stir it up and try corrupt
Weh BINGHIMAN create yaah
Tell dem change dem ways
BINGHI yute unuh hurry up
Nuh come ya suh fi waste out yuh days yaah

ETHIOPIA she now stretch forth
To king SELASSIE I nuh more rocking a di boat
Tings a get red inna di western coast
A nuff a dem a dead yuh might tink seh a joke
Dem have di money and still dem cyaah float
I come fi separate di sheep from di goat
Look inna di heep fi see a who bust di throat
Give dem di chalice and dem end up a choke
Cyaah burn di herb dem run gone snort coke
If i a di fiyah den a who a di smoke
Give di yute di culture cause a it mi a promote
Dem must come togetha RASTAFAR I a nuh joke
Nuh tek nuh talk

Yuh nuh si seh dem a gaze
Dem come fi stir it up and corrupt
What di BINGIMAN create
Tell dem open up dem ears
Ghetto yute unuh hurry up
Because a king SELASSIE man a praise

Yuh nuh si seh dem a gaze
Dem come fi stir it up and corrupt
What di BINGHI yute create
SELASSIE open every gate
BINGHI yute unuh hurry up
Because mi nuh come yah...

Be still cau mi know dem gone
JAH give di earth mi plant food and corn
Di yutes come first so mi naah left di farm
I till di dirt den wha mek dem a scorn
Babylon be still unuh lo mi mek mi gwone
Upon di hill nuh dutty wuk mi nuh perform
Trod dem yah journey get redda dan warm
Di yutes stop cut all di slave masta lawn
Nuh do nutten fi get di bloody money inna wi palm
Wi naah (s)tan(d) calm

Chorus: w /changes

Do i dis honour give di yutes di betterment
Educate dem right fi dem upliftment
I nuh settlers nuh give i no settlement
I run di place dis a bigga judgment
What's di result from yuh conference
No solutions yuh confuse you and yuh frens
Babylon laws come to an end
Babylon di fake going down again
Lightening message slap england
Bun dem to ashes dem a pollute JAH land
Lightening message drop inna di pentagon
Fight dem a fight fi king SELASSIE position
Tek dem yah message to do ITHIOPIAN
Tell dem EMPEROR SELASSIE is di almighty man
Lightening message fi every nation
To king SELASSIE I bows di generation
Mi tell dem seh