Mental Chains


Emperor Seassie I surely have done
About the welfare and prosperity of I and I people
But know yourself black people

Verse 1:
Don't do on pretending to be someone you can not
Live according and you know as to want
Love and inity is the only thing we've got
Jah prepare us to meet all your onslaught
Have you heard of Ethiopia the purest land thereof, thereof ?
Children, Babylon will be burning with flames from the sun
Unnuh might think a fun, nuh badder run
Mi hear Selassie I and their coward tongue
Them war and strive and blood feast
Soon your time to preach
Give Selassie I the praise
Or else you're punish as the beast
Black people trod up inna the East

Babylon your mental chains break
For Ethiopians progress ourself, we educate
Well a lightning, not a earthquake
Babylon your mental chains break
Black people go home, for righteousness sake

Verse 2:
The preaching is over, what's your actions to this ?
So land up inna them land, nothing you have accomplished
Them inna them computer age, children beware of it
Because everything, everything becomes cybernetic
Repatriation, we endeavour, we'll all make it
Too much inna Babylon, that is too much for your kit
Computer is them world, them number is six six six
That's the mark of the beast, look out for micro-chip


Verse 3:
A lava a no earthquake
Rasta is the head needless to be afraid
A nuff a them curse the Rasta-man, and run gone shave
A nuff them Babylon program as them slave
Them run Emmanuel, sey a Selassie I the youths fi praise


Repeat Verse 1