Yea! Rastafari! Haha
Ethiopia, Africa Yes
We doing it jus right, we getting it perfect
(Special request for you and yours)
Haha. Now here comes the music

Verse 1:
With all the problems in the world
And everyday people complaining
No hospitals no schools for the boys and girls
Wit your naked eyes don't you see that its slavery, whoa
Damn you work so hard in the sun
People unemployed not selfish and mourning
Mama work UNtil her fingers are numb
Trying to escape poverty, but somehow its still (gawning?)
Damn everyday someone gets shot down
CURRUPTION!!!! That's how the system is running, whoa

I got to set myself free whoa (gotta be free)
And being what the most high had always wanted me to be
Set the captives free whoa (gotta be free)

Verse 2:
Millions of guns make everyday
Don't try to intimidate me I'll never run away
Jah blessing is coming our way
So pagan don't you stand in our way
Yo, We fight society, while dem will boast
Said dem like society to answer us
To much anxiety, dem never see what di Almighty wan dem see Yah!!!

I got to set myself free whoa (gotta be free)
And be what the most high wanted me to be yea
Babylon set the captives free whoa (gotta be free)

Verse 3:
Now listen, everyday you got people children goin to prison (wow)
Babylon they steal and they rob
And telling us that theyre jus doing their job
They're here to protect and serve
But they're jus killing the people when I look and observe
Equal rights and justice? Uh Uh uh uh
Be careful of the ways that yuh practice, uh uh uh uh

Wit repatriation, show love
Yuh got no hate for no one
Bruk down di prison, ayy
I seh yuh cannot wait on no one
Dont 'cern about fear, haste no one
Yuh got to lead Babylon
Don't licky licky, Don't cleave on Babylon
Don't yuh believe inna Babylon
I'm gonna beat yuh Babylon!!!

I got to set myself free whoa (gotta be free)
Yea, oh oh!
(Wanna be free)