All I Need


Got bored.....send corrections if wrong
Oh yes babe (your all i need)
Our love is everlasting
And i'll always be there
Remember i tell u that

Verse 1:
Your all i need
You brighten my world
We'll always be
Our life is our love
Let me know your wrong
And the perfect sun,
Forest, and moon, and stars
And they shall be ours

Chorus (X2)
Oh girl
You got it going just for me
Your my love,
treat you respectfully

Verse 2:
Not a gain no faster
She no tell me say she love me
And every night she make so
She a kiss and hug me
Got such attitude such magnitude
It's her security defence of her lover
And i know that is her jelously
Especially when she with me
That's what i love to see
Fine style and she just won't let go of me
People would be like DAMN
Isn't that lovely, thier so close and cuddly
Nothing in the world can trouble it

Chorus (4X)

Verse 3:
When everytime i'm late, then she gonna text me
Will she complain, how? tonight she wanna sex me
She always a say no other girl can get me
She nah go left me wow from jah bless me
Ohh darling girl, baby your so sex-up,
The good things about you, that's what interest me
Ain't gonna do no wrong, it's love and i'm nasty,
A relationship is the best ya

Chorus (4X)

Repeat from first verse to fade