On The Broadcast


Just a word of admonition, seen
Poverty a no nothing fe mock and scorn
When people a manage fe cope go on
Anything come to placement ina your side a thorn
Feel much worse when the stress is on
So when the people resort to con
Them bun dat everywhere in earth itís on
Especially when lion ave fe lay down wit lamb
Careful little child ave to hold your hand
So no chuck it like a simpleton
Ina ration and ova stand
The ideal the moral the faith demands
Ainít nothing waving no magic wand
Faith and work ina combination
Situation can change so fast
For who went from first to last
On the broadcast, it was on the broadcast

Hear what Rasta drum saying
Disturbance ova food
These times are harsh and rude
You have five-year old national catastrophe where help still cant reach yet
As if the world forget
They wandering relocate recollect
Border to border refugee in neglect
With the host country in economic trouble themselves
A collective vibration for the good of where you dwell
In the occupational tightening of belt
It hurt people suffering to see wasted extravagance
Donít visit your neighbor
Wid food fat on your mouth in famine
If after you only knock the door when dinner concluded
These are the mentions of everyday live
The whole thing ave in take and give
Yes of course itís still choice prerogative
Until desperate measures bring different tidings
The cycle of preparation is in
Diverse changes right now are blowing in the wind
Is more man regard the wisdom of the King of Kings