Ward 21

So mi seh you want a rhyme,
I got a rhyme
Mi have di gyal dem tune fi mek dem move dem waistline
And dem spine anytime
Matter over mind,
Mind over matter, fassy scatter
When mi shot a line

Verse 1:
Da one ya name rhyme
Have a new style and it rule everyting
Sometime mi dj some time mi rap
Want a fat gyal come sidung ina mi chair
If a gay club I naa go inside
Hafi have a gyal weh can gi mi di wickedest slam
Fire bun pon di man dem weh a chew
Even if yu vex yu can rush me and mi friends
Bare big machine we have lock pon di corner
Big up di ganja man dem weh nuh top bun di marry
Life is a serious ting
Careful how yu put on yu tuxedo
And dats all I have to say about dat


Verse 2:
Wen dem pop it off duck
Any weh wi go a gyal she mus get sex
Everybody wonder what coming after
Tek it fi joke mi soon a dead wit giggly
Gyal dem keep wining and dem waist rotating
Everybody wonder how much gyal wi lookin
Come ina mi kitchen bier food unu see boiling
Watching my business and f idem own a mash up
Like a car weh crash ina one next one


Brief Talking


Verse 1