Badda Badda

Ward 21

Verse 1:
Psychodelically mad to the bone (mother/father)
you never have ever, seen such things like this before

Yuh have some pussie belly gal a flip up and a hype up
gwaan like seh dem hot and when wi check it dem a wipe up
nuff a dem a chat and dem a borrow Debbie old bruk
suh nuh badda pay dem nuh mind
Nuff a dem come siddung pon yuh name and dem a watch yuh
all dem a do, none a dem cyaan stop yuh
fly out regular and yuh man him a mind yuh
suh nuh badda pay dem nuh mind

Flawless and yuh spotless, yuh nuh fayva nuh chicken
nuff a dem a chat and dem have alligator skin
flip dem a flip up but you aguh clip dem wing
badda badda go one side
Emaculate and sexy yuh nuh fayva not a toad
nuff a dem a grudge yuh true a you run di road
yuh nuh matta dat cause you a explore di globe
nuff man a tek dem fi joy ride

Repeat Chrous

Watch it mek mi touch dung yah now inna di nitty gritty
Yuh nuh hear who bow nuh di gal name Nicky Nicky
Man have a box dung all ova di city city
a suh mi know seh dem gal deh pussie belly
bun a fire pon a gal cause she a watchy watchy
every man weh shi gi pussie belly dem a catchy catchy
pickney a carry and yuh neva plan fi dashy dashy
put up yuh hand shake yuh body like a jelly

Repeat Chrous

Drinking alize, every day come on
drinking alize, everyday all night come on
drinking alize, alize everday come on
alize all night
and yuh nuh borrow wear yuh borrow wear wear wear
yuh nuh borrow wear ova here and there
come on
Yuh nuh borrow wear, yuh nuh borrow wear wear

Repeat Chrous to fade