Vibes Of The Time

Tony Rebel

Original guerilla Tony Rebel ah talk
And you know me always a talk from mi heart
You shoulda know that man

There's a vibes about the time
And it's real and I can feel it every day
How they choose to refuse the good news
And then lose and go astray
But I see clear and I can hear of all the fear
That is now plaguing all mankind
Is only Jah can really help us inna this ya revelation time
Lend me oonuh ears nuh
Full time you listen
Exercise righteousness and make we get God blessing

The war fi stop now
Whether jungle or garden
If a problem occur
Make we sit down and reason
If you a shower you can go pray every hour
Unite with Spanglers and make we fight for Black Power
If you nub do that you know say
Dog nyam yuh supper
Look inna yourself and elevate from the gutter


Everyone ah feel it
Not only you, she or him
'Cause this is not regional
It's a global thing
And most things whe you see ah the consequence of sin
But it's good to know that everything is everything
The signs of the time should not make you panic
In the Bible every line show that it is prophetic
All things must take place before thy Kingdom come
So it was written, so it must be done


Who nuh see clear haf fi hear
This yah vibes whe we a share
And who aware be prepare 'cause the end is near
Have no fear if Jah a steer
Just relax inna yuh chair
And he is here and he is there
And ready to take care
Lord people always wrong yes and nuh want take the blame
Nuff a play hypocrite just fe get good name
Man behavior against mankind bring sorrow and pain
But it's good to know that God love us the same
When me check the diseases and the catastrophes
Whe broke out like wild fire in all the countries
We shouldn't be fighting our brothers with our energies
'Cause them de kind of thing is our worst enemies