Yuh Nuh Ready Fi Dis Yet

Tanya Stephens

Hey Mr Mention
Ask Yuhself this question
Unno say unno a don man
An a unno run the program, the program

Verse 1:
Have yuh ever stop to think wha mek a gal cheat
Have yu ever ask arr if shi like how yu dweet
Yuh need fi check yuhself before yuh start kiss yuh teeth
Caw yuh nuh ready fi this yet bwoy
Have yuh ever wonder what mek a girl cum
A woman mus be satisfy before yuh say yuh done
Yuh caan say a thing if yuh end up a get bun
Caw yuh nuh ready fi this yet bwoy

Verse 2:
Mi hear a little fool a say a him rule the world
How hima bounce Kerry and a sleep over Merle
Get yuh act together fore yuh find another girl
Caw yuh nuh ready fi this yet bwoy
Did yuh even realise say woman have mood
Yuh haffi know fi handle it when gal a gwaan rude
Dats why another man a eat whole heap a unno food
Caw unno nuh ready fi
Unno nuh ready fi
Uhho nuh ready fi dis yet bwoy

Verse 3:
Most a unno full of, full of pure self praise
Hot fire dey yah but the wood naw blaze
God haffi work a miracle fi mek the dead raise
Round dem up and lock dem up di days

Repeat from top to Verse 1

Verse 4:
Man a kick back say him naah watch no face
While him woman a relax pon another man base
To how it look yah now is like him soon get replace
Him say badman nuh worry bout no petty case
So him write him name another man come erase
Dem call him Mr. Hurry cause him ever inna haste
Sometime gal haffi wonder if him did a get a chase
Him a sleep watch she a gaze inna space

Repeat from top