We Ah Lead

Tanya Stephens

Pass de paper, gimme a pen
Come lemme slap some lyrics inna some fool face again
Run de riddim, Andrew gimme a track
And when me spit this mumma, seh dem find a comeback

[Verse 1:]

Some gyal a gwaan hype, but dem kyah hype like ah we
Dem seh we loose, but dem still nuh tight like ah we
A war dem want, so tell me dem can fight like ah we?
Anyway dem nah run de video light like ah we
Dem seh dem hot, but trust me dem nah hot like ah we
What dem seh money, dem nuh have dat like ah we
Dem seh dem lucky, but dem no have de luck like ah we
And slim as we be, dem nuh phat like ah we
Dem man ah tell we dem nuh whine pon de cock like ah we
None a dem nuh spin out pon de top like ah we
None a dem nuh bruk up pon tick tock like ah we
And dem no fling it up right from de back like ah we


Cause we ah lea-eeeaaad
Dem kyah cut we speed
We have de whine dem man nee-eeeed
And hot as dem be, we ah ride de degrees
Hot gyal like we-eeeeee
Honey, fi go down, come wid i-iiiit
Cause we mind at ea-eeeaaase
Hot as dem be, we ah ride de degrees

[Verse 2:]

Well dem ah seh dem ah come first, but dat no matter we
Cause we ah lead by a mile and dem ah de first back ah we
All a gi we fake smile, but dat nuh flatter we
We lock down every property like is a monopoly
Dem man a coat dem yah yah for we nah money
How dem fi get when ah we dem wannabe
But if a gyal step thru what a war its gonna be
Yow anyway, nuff talk.
Well we ah hot chicks, kyah stop this, so watch this
And if u bad, well take it to u when we lock this
Some gyal better go look ah work hard, get some practice

[Verse 3:]

Well if a gyal want a war, we ah go make har sorry
Imagine we..what we affi carry
Well a war wid dem a start dem go pay for it
Tell a gyal pick out a coffin, Tanya will pay for it
Some ah dem cold like ice cube and still think dem hot
Me ere seh man a tek a piece and naar
Proclaim bad gyal, dem never fight a war yet
Never make a dopey, never ever scar yet
U know seh u ah lead, when de love turn to
Must be used to rating.
Because ah leeeadd


Repeat Verse 1

Chorus till fade