Home Alone

Tanya Stephens

Well this a fi all a the players out there, wah yuh say?
You staying on top of your game?
You need to stay pon top of your girl, trust me!

What would you do if your baby's gone,
And a no you run him
Chilling with his crew leaving you home alone,
Tell me would you bun him
Well if you're a prude you'll probably be holding on ,
But if you're a girl like me
You'd a call him up yuh see...

Verse 1:
Tell him the mood that you're in,
You need him under your skin,
If him choose fi go cruise with him crew,
You ah go buss the first man weh step in,
A coulda him next of kin,
If him still seem amused and refuse fi believe you
Then you tell him again, give him ah chance to relent,
After that it's up to your conscience,
Tell me would you save the kitty for a man weh a chill out pon the street, All when hours a beat, refuse to pressure the meat
Well a simple thing that,
No need fi cause no quarrel
Dig up mi diary from the bottom of the barrel and call up Jamel,
Or Worrel or Farrel,
Why waste them when them already swell and me man gone


Verse 2:
You woulda gi him bun for the Easter, bun for the Christmas,
Get so much him might as well put it pon him wish list
Have me lock up inna the house a waste me king
Wah? Yuh no love me?
Well I hope you love the pastry king
Cause you a get sugar bun and cinnabon, breakfast lunch and dinner bun
Take a innocent loaf a bread and me tun it inna bun
Bun the flesh to the bone a no just skin a bun


Aint't no telling what it woulda be

Sometimetimes yuh haffi make a little flex man, draw fi a next man
Gooda haffi all rally back pon yuh ex-man
Pull up a him gate confess say yuh des man,
"Step inna the car and don't ask no question"
Cut out the talking straight to the sex man
woulda run a con fi get you undressed man
Me nah siddung a watch tv depressed
man, have a next plan?
Mek me hear your suggestion
Only way me woulda wait pon you a if yuh dey a GP
But the way you treat me, you coulda never keep me
When me say sticky donut that never work so me a dish out your just desserts
So me give him some Tastee and Yummy bun, Coronation Honey bun, National a dat a run, me spend the cheese and a you get the bun


Home alone, you mussi mad, ha!
That nuh work fi a girl like me (2)