Tanya Stephens

Some man say dem a rider but dem a slip saddle
An claim say dem a dally but dem a wiggle waggle
So dem want yuh bend gal dont help dem out
Gal dont gaggle
An if yuh buck dem a road an dem a buss maggle
Just chat dem wid yuh fren gal an giggle
Cause a yuh have the upper hand right yah now
Gal yuh never gaggle

[Verse 1]
Yuh never gaggle suh him caan tell himfren nutten
A him flop himself and dat a big suppen
Tek on big heavy wuck an nuh know nutten
Check say yuh soft, yuh nearly wine off him suppen
Bwoy see di meat an start dream bout mutton
Mouth get watery an a move like glutton
Slerp pass yuh neck a stray pass yuh belly button
Bwoy what a suppen, yes what a suppen


[Verse 2]
Now him tail between him leg like shame dog
Him feel like one a di dead dem dung a morgue
A whey him pick up dat dey habbit dey, a must abroad
But wi nuh support dem things dey dung a yard
Sey him know di bashment but him a big fraud
Cause him have up the flex of a retard
Long time him under table a eat hard
Now mi have him like a puppet pon a piece a cord


[Verse 3]
Now all a di gal dem whey never guh dung
No man never yuh throat wid cum
Bwoy waan get it freaky till him haffi run
Dem nuh have di skill fi handle wi
Caan even stan up when dem si dung
Wi nuh like how dem bwoy dey have fun
Bwoy a voice off a whole a album
Dem tune caan play pon wi station.

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