Cry & Bawl

Tanya Stephens

Check one time no crime
I hope this gal can pay the fine.... right
Gal a cry and bawl fi the service
I hope them can service
Check one Bounty Killer
And this is Tanya and if you inadequate
and caa get mi wet
nuh bother make mi waste nuh sweat.

Gal a cry and a bawl fi mi service
And them a make phone call say them need it.
Gal a cry and a bawl fi mi service
And them a make phone call
So you feel, A never bawl mi a bawl fi the service,
Mi never like it at all believe mi,
Mi naa cry and a bawl fi the service,
It never ready a tall.

Verse 1:
Yow, mi couldn't find nothing fi sit down pan
Bwaay a magican, cause everything disappear,
Mi ben up inna every positian,
A try fi find him, but him tyre waa air.
Gal a when mi done wuk you a you grave you a go end up
You little chocho and you salad a go swell up.
Stay deh gwaan rail up tell lie and gwaan yell up,
Just like eight or S you a go ben up.
Come in like a mad bull fi nuff years mi pen up,
Stay deh cry tears a mi pole mi a go send up swell


Verse 2:
True mi nuh waa fall asleep mi start to make noise,
You gaan tell you friends them how get get prize,
A wonder when you a go wake up and realize,
Say you need fi work pan you size.
Gal mi tired and mi fed up of your false statements.
Gal when mi did a wuk you all out a you sense,
You kick down door tear down the back fence.
Make you all a speak whole heap a accent.
You say take time, mi nuh got nuh conscience,
Cause mi know the work and mi do it excellent,
Natural as mi born, nuh under nuh influence, swell


Verse 3:
Mi did a cry and bawl true mi did a morn fi you, Uh ugh
Mi go a grave yard fi put flowers pan it,
A the fuss mi ever see something so dead,
Bwaay a dozen wreath fi the other head.
To how mi wuk gal them say mi under a spell,
Back them up jack them knock the outta them shell.
Gal a compete a mussi Detol she smell,
When mi pass through the whole bed room Corel,
Mi use this like a forty five haskel,
Fi take out Yevette, Antonette and Michelle... hey true