Boom Wuk

Tanya Stephens

Wat u say u want for know why the I check for the I (An Nothing)
If know you broke down fix it, This if me a get what you for get
Everything na gone set just work with it man
what me a say you hear me ( Yea Baby)

Verse 1:
It's not the way you walk
It's not the way you talk
It's not your beat up car
You deffinitly aint no movie star
It's not the clothes you wear
It's not your nappy hair
It's not your gangsta flex
Baby it's all about your sex

Me just love how u boom wuk
Love the way you have the poom poom stuck
Wine me big booty pon the big stick
Tell me tan to do the boom flick
Love the long ling la boom wuk
Love the you wuk you make this gal stuck
Climb upon cabbin and the big truck
Have me hail it off even know you broke
Love the long ling la boom (4)

Verse 2:
What me say
Me dont even understand why ur wife a broke war
You might of love me But to me its just a wuk start
Me just a cut on a go through fling me kitty pon you and if the cloud dem hold your a good luck start
Tired material and me friends dem a stress pon
Why pick you and me could have the best man
Put down them so sure ur the best one
When you pon length me impress pon


Verse 3:
What me say
Lately you say you get a vibe and say you dont think we gone a make it.
You say me only care about things when you naked
Here's a good way for make it work when you see me lose the pants and the shirt.
You dont even have to knock cause me dun left the door unlock me are the target make sure your machine pon cock
ride or die what me say mr champion jake
Take me back to the track


Verse 1