Strenght and Hope


HAILE I eva living love,blessed my LORD and empress.
Hear di right, oh JAH RASTAFAR I.
Attend unto i an i cry and give ears unto i an i words that goeth not out Of faint lips.let ma sentence come forth from thy presence and let our Eyes behold the things which are equal. i an i say black people neva lose The faith.lift up ye heads;oh ye gate and the king og glory shall come in.EMPEROR HAILE SELASSIE I is our eva living king.yes. it's more love and joy RASTAFAR I bring. yeah yeahiee.

Chorus: (x2)
RASTAFAR I a wi strength and wi hope
Inna di system di yutes dem naw guh cope
Di life some living is a joke
Always live for the best of course yaaaah

Verse 1:
Be not like them old pharacese and scribes
Be not like them who always fuss and fight
Jus live in love and protect your life ISRAELITES
Give praises always yes unto the most high


Verse 2:
It have been such a very long while black people been suffering
High society say dem a di top a di line
So dem take wi as dem mockery and mustering
Yo dem couldnt stop ma locks from growing
Yo and dem couldnt stop JAH breeze from blowing
No a say they couldnt stop tha river from flowing
To ETHIOPIA AFRICA black people going
Righteousness RASTAFAR I sowing
Justice endowing

Chorus (With Changes)
(All they got to give a guns and coke)
(Yuh neva si fiyah wid out smoke burn dem out)

Verse 3:
It surely gi mi joy to see you sing and praise di most high
Wi gi yuh joy,how good and pleasant black people dem inite
Why should wi eva dare fight
When everyone is equal in SELASSIE eye sight
Be truthful and live in da sunshine
KING SELASSIE a lead wi everytime