Someone Loves You


Verse 1
Your feeling bluesy and all by yourself
You need some love, and I know how yuh felt
Got so much to give, and no one to share
Hoping someone would come back to help you care it
Saying to yourself, you just cant go on like this
Much to long now
So much love that you miss
But when you think that your alone
Here comes the love of your heart
Here comes the love of your heart

Someone loves you baby
I deserve you lady
You mean more than the world

Verse 2
She anticipate my presents
Just to see me from far
Just to fill that gap
She wonders why shes been left out
Now your mine
Needs less to worry about
Things that wont be
Wont you just let me
Be the man of the house


Verse 3
Whats going, girls getting jealous
And girls getting horny
Girls need loving, tired to be alone
She needs to be by your side
You think you should know,eh
Acting as if you dont see her
Since you dont want her
Someone else need here
She wont say, cas she know that I need her


Verse 1