She Is Like The Roses


Hear mi nuh hear mi nuh momma say
A clean woman always keepeth a clean house
Gi dem strength dis nuh mickey nor mouse
Listen up hey

Verse 1:
A neva put yuh with di fortune nor fame
Yes a surely need yuh even when di weather change
It doesn't matter your area nor lane
BINGHI MAN will neva stop calling your name
A know yuh when a see yuh anywhere
Character and your dressings always stand clear
A good ting seh momma also taught mi how to care
As long as she clean,conscious and fare

She's like the roses the honey bee approach
Pretty wid out di lipstick pon yuh mouth
RASTAMAN seh naturally yours
And a cleanliness BINGHI want inna him house

She's like the roses the honey bee approach
Pretty wid out make-up and lipstick pon yuh mouth
Yo hear di yutes dem a shout
Yes a royal nation girl inna di house hey

Verse 2:
A never see her on the street side deh pose
Her ways are totally different from those
Yes always attentive at your home
Ever splendid from her head down to her toes
No otha man caan tek off har clothes
Infront di yutes nuh nakedness nuh expose
I an I she live wid yeah not a foe
SELASSIE I family prepare har from she deh grow


Verse 3:
Well mi come fi bless di woman in SELASSIE I name
Mek yuh comfortable ease yuh stress and yuh strain
RASTA peak yuh level yes blessings it is rain
Yo RASTAMAN nuh find nuh complain hey
Seh mi oman brand new and she fat
Some a dem a watch di food inna di calabash hey
Mi guh si seh dat di fiyah bunn so hot
Dem affi ease off BINGHI yute wi lik dem down wid di rock


Verse 1:

Chorus (to fade)