No White God


Yo dont seduce to reduce mi knowledge
Because i will always break those barriers and break down bondage.oh LORD GOD ALMIGHTY grant mi all privilege.yuh see,i have to over-come all di Wicked.dem and dem false tings.

I have no white God don't teach mi anything wrong
Would di white God save mi from whiteman oppression
I have no white God it's just a BLACK MESSIAH
If a white God a bless how him naw bless sizz

Verse 1:
I want what is rightfully mine so mi naw stay mute
Your system is design to distract mi from di truth
But it will come to pass and known unto di yutes
In the process of time we will know the truth
Yuh gi wi white god to praise in slavery
Di doctrine follow on in the black community
Di BLACK MESSIAH yuh try to shield wit fantasy
But wi naw go mek yuh destroy di love wid luxury
Dat's why , have to touch home i have no place in babylon
As I go they make mi victim of their unjust action
Oh GOD,I wont be conquered in dis region
Oh yes, I have to stand and go strong


Verse 2:
Whoo,mi face con thought with anger cause dat nuh right
How could all things good and valuable must be white
Cho! what about the black that did the most in life
You and yuh white supremacy want treat mi as yuh (wife)
You change di version a di bible who you a trick
Memba all who do evil wont go unpunish
Bear yuh iniquity yuh have no wisdom or wit
All evilous people shall sink inna a (pit)


Verse 3:
Cause when i an i a trod is like MOSES wid the rod
With one strong backitive ALMIGHTY fada GOD
Is di only second party dat sizzla have
Fi guide mi tru di darkness where the heathen dodge
There wasn't any doubt but yuh voice had made
Di shout??????????
Behold JAH JAH yute a complete di rout


1st Verse to fade