Love Is All I Got


I need your love (Ahhhhh) 3x

Verse 1:
Thinking about you girl, all night long
Of all those things we done
Where we've been, look how far we've come
look at us yeaaa
I'm the man in your life
Girl I'm the one to make it right
Take me now, let me know, what you like
Let us make love and unite

Chorus 2x
Cas love, is all I've got for you
now my love is spreading all you
Oooh my baby, just keep me close
Dont go girl, come and give me more

Verse 2:
Theres something about you, that I should know
Seems your thoughts solutions to my problems
What powers you possess
Love to see your face, love to see you dress
If I love you girl , oh yes

Chorus 2x

Verse 3:
Look into my eyes, and say you love me
Girl love me up tight
Let me know theres no one above me
Love me thats right, girl come on and touch me
Trust me for life
I'll be there for you, love and honestly

Chorus 2x
I need your love, your love, right now