Youth And Youths


Youth and youth, true youth, hold your faith….

Youth and youth inna deh century, rastafari is not a damage to anybody

Nuff elders gwaan still a ball dem locks of puberty, nuff ones still have the power when the full broom come een

Alert everybody check out wah static inna the scenery fi livity, one to the heart to the soul to the mind sincerity fi be yuh see, power inna yuh pour to the work of his imperial majesty as sing in babylon soft ??? as sing inna jingle spree

Is outta deh ghetto, dem claim to come outta yuh see, exhibiting the cradle of barrel syndrome yah to infinity and just cant bust out dem kindda come pay activity

Boasting to the poor and just a well a provoking their envy, in the site of the night in the seed of jealousy , telling to the youth you wish and yuh aint got it like me

Nuff way a never see inna bughi and masserati and Bentley and ready dem show displeasure inna dem poverty, pull up the picture inna di laptop since about 13, dun know dem cant afford nearly nuttin like a he, develop inna crime from 14 to 15 from 16 to 17 is happen to be cold and bloody, killa with a business, hands up mentality and left it all yah so by age 23, well this no hypothetical and this no need no imagery, a whole set of demons as it has been set to deh rasta youth…

Dem a bring up the youth to tactful and friendly, and a different kind a mustache (false dreadlocks) come yah come destroy your pickney, fight dem back inna good, fight dem back inna plenty….pretend to be anti establishment is their establishment they’d be references is thus jah well reference you feel, the reference is a part of their big business deal, nothing can be sacred or reference to feel, dem see the supreme as been forgone and gone to the ???…put dem inna trust and inna dem club and belief, standing against every single biblical prophet historically then, dem teach deh youth out to be everything the Ible say no to be, now if yuh thing seh a music business you deal, this is a tugger war, a gideon fi energy, cement it demself inaa the role of the unsavory, decided to be the very best that they be in filthy inaa this a de saga people inna captivity, hear mi now, again