People till time, right now
Choose before a place where no choices be
HIM Haile Selassie spoke to these issues in specificity
Before the escalade happen early, happen early
Humble into livity
No, its not for triviality
Rastaman elevate the wisdom tree
For soul to live in joy
Resonating, marinating in beauty
Let the positiv rethoric and economic interlock and purify I and I holy
Haile, holy, Haile
Worldcycle immune, Immunity elevate, donít you know
Things are coming clear, true, it take a painfull, a lot of error a lot of miscue
Hear me, yeah oh yeah eh
The oneness of man in the YHWH
The genome sequence innate the name of the most high in every ululation of DNA
People right now, stop twisting squirming
Serpant the carbon has taken its place
And what I must be, Yah law I must obey, yeah
Cellular law, supersede your law and order burn rule
Right now the outcry in the earth is great, great
The imigrant image need adjustment space, yeah
White wagon cover, white boat sail, exdeedingly white sanitary trail, trailer park, modern moving nomadic waste
Remember, hear me now
Study the settlement for knowledge, you see nothing change, nothing change
A larger issue is if you can you should remove the burdans
Modify to living good
Destiny is subject to the decisions I and I make
Simple humble, love and forgive, love body (?) inrelate (?), related i say, related i say, related i say, related i say
The very spark of life is still mystery
Man in the 20th century have destroyed more man than combine natural catastrophes
Negative and dissonance even in bodily frequency, stark atlas and the wall trophy, look you see
Chop off the deer head for the beauty of his natty, of his dig-natty
??? and ???, donít destroy yourself to be free
Babylon pushing the emotion button, trigger in calamity, trigger into the infrared scope
Lineup inside the poverty, the whole world living fearfully
Paranoia overrun the news, right now
Tonight the oxymoron news is about probability, the what is if we are attacked in these ways possibility posse
The very vain imagination of multiple fear resonating and if they admit the truth they fear that repercussions will be unmercyfully
Its gonna take overstanding and majority some painful revenge by gones to let go
For I and I to live peacefully, to live peacefully, yeah, to live peacefullyÖ