What Makes A King?


All you nations, a question….What makes a King? What makes Prospering? All you rebellious, evidence stance of events facts…don’t leave it unsound; JAH is merited all eight names.. in Atlas yolk. All Earth descendants and influences, HIM on Earth who maintain the Grid of togetherness,…specializing in slow bonding perceptions, the gathering mask come tumbling, witches and sorcerers they labeled them. In the immediate society, look within… If it isn’t true…then go fix the wrong way you made people think… Things word of distance as long gone with, everlasting contempt and everlasting glory as they’re resurrecting HIM the current model of excess to be living in. Respect the indigenous people and inner where they live, Redeem the villainous infamy of how you rob and kill; As minimal obligations, just freely give! As minimal redeem, please teach rethink! With whips, you broke our names right out of our links, and broke civility to animalistic; The predatory instinct of take, to win…the seed of jealousy cultivated, and Shottas galore, bun out these things. What of the structure the ants constructed, purpose full directives, for each one functioning – soldiers of the long hold to protect her in – Selassie the Power of the Holy Trinity live. He is he is.. Here is for all you nations, a question….What makes a King, What makes a King; for all you nations, What makes Prospering? All you rebellious, don’t leave it unsound, the Emperor is merited all Earth descendants and influences; HIM who on Earth, protect the Grid…it is Him who on Earth protect the Sociological Grid and how we are all related…speak from the secret place of heart, What makes a King?!?