Try That Way


Hail King Selassie I
Mek the best of wah dey on ya
Itís a struggle out ya
A lot a barrier out ya
A lot a warrior out ya
A central core, a cylinder of honor
Respect and recognition of one another
Rasta try that way de ya
Try that way de ya
When the other consequence bigger
Try that way de ya
A little work hard pull together
Try that way de ya
The principle live forever
Try that way de ya

The sun returned on the dial back ten degrees
Mariners sending soundings into the valley of the fathom of the deep
The ark is with the architect
Haile Selassie I the maker in His hands ave it a keep
Feeling powerless the earthly beings
The aftermath of empathy inna catastrophes
Sending helping hands to bring comfort and to bring relief
Sympathy awaken I humanities
Inna recognition of the mist of human frailties
The life thread is ever ina delicacy
Within the elements of infinity
Every moment is as thanksgiving chance to see
Waking up healthy is a blessed speech
The metro commute commotion of big cities
As soon as they feel threatened they run go haul fe steel
Fully knowing the truth of how thing ave done set in
When is already epidemic is safe they want fe feel
Respect is elevated in how to walk between
If it is practice the rudest of shocking desecration speak
And is jungle self defense how the compel feel
Thatís how it Jah know it gone already on already the streets
When it get difficult to feel any someone real
And then this is the tension some a hold in seal
A lion on to the city technocratic bureaucracies
Is the one and one basis walking in between
Dem trusting ina the wisdom of crowds in the cold concrete
Say the ever riding prevailing current is destiny
But look how the very firmament a disagree
Geology mek you socialite club culture look like popcorn spree
Compared to the large scale world difficulty
That must be the comedy fe keep the people at ease
The running train of excess must be bridle in
Diplomacy and sharing is how you ago tap in
Rational people a try link up for necessities