You response fe what you know
You response fe what you know
If a different thing a act out ana show
You will feel it ina you know
Them a hunt Tesoro so
Tek how much gold outa Peru
Deception you mountain a crumble though
Jah Jah mek the wicked them fe humble low
Deciding what the things the world fe know
News from only you point a view
Capitalizing pan tragedy fe true
Desperation a push people fe go do
Things what them would not prefer fe do

When the Rasta man lift up a toast
And full up this pavilion a smoke
The vibration that heaven know
That the children of Zion hold
And a canter ina full control
Rastafari ina my soul
Is the scroll that the rhythm told
Bruk lose pon the world so bold
They barter exchanging salt fe gold
Is a different value system they know
And they say how they ignorant so
And approach them wid torpedo
As a quicker way fe get the gold
Wid a guilty generation woe
About what them inherit ya so
Dung ya so

When itís nough leaders misled corrupt
Iya nough pre-eminent vice
Riot gear and police sirens and prices soaring into heights
People will have to lean on culture so callaloo bush resurge you right
Canít remember how fe mek bamoula out yucca cassava, how fe dry it
Them a watch little closer the ways of the elders
When these times force economize
From that dey elder is the I Grandfather de I sitting right next to the whole archives
Storage and syphon value all times
Categorize some nah go sympathize
But if you have love returning eye to eye
It is the first impact how DNA splice
Whatís to love about whatís to like
It get heated ina celcius and farenheit
And when rationality dun a lose the fight
It coulda ina politic, it coulda domestic
Itís the trinity root of a family life
How bio chemical genetics synchronize
Parent have fe strong with strong-willed child
Because anything wrong itís fe cry out your eye
Principles have a body of outcomes from the longest time
And the book of rules there to sight
Ina foresight and ina hindsight
Them ave everything pon tantalize
When people jump in and sink you sight
Yes a warning is written on the back you right