The Quickening


First honor to His Majestic omnipresent
From the kette man dem iverence set in reverence
Haile I Selassie rule the realm everything
Harar ina the bible Shasamane ina it
Living still to see Rasta ideal fulfill
The highest of spirit send his christ to step in
Regardless anything Rasta wholistic living
Reason is the reason for cultivating
Millo Maacha Tamar to Jerusalem David establish King
Spirit of exuberance and thanks giving
To what them ideology a cling from your seat failing
The return to Ithiopia the Kings as the scripture fulfill
The counsel that topple the false hood upon seven hill, seven hill
If I and I humble to order in still
Itís because the King of Kings say so is the right thing say HIM
Give Rasta His counsel mek the world drink, come make the whole world mind drink
Regimented rise and fall the fields a work in rhythm, the fields work in rhythm
Work in rhythm
The fields work in rhythm x2

Kemetic do it ina sowing and ina harvesting
Is new tenacious life ina earth ya now fe welcome in
The first rays of the season the seventh month feasting
The eldest matriarch ina the village is presiding
Is under joy of spirit how the harps them sing
Itís the quickening
Donít fall off how the ball now a spin
How the globe now a spin
In the quickening
Nano second reductionist seeking the root of exist
Wid a type of ideological economic eugenics
Them will draw back the ladder and show the whole news clip
The quickening, quickening
Itís the quickening
Speed up ting

Situation get droughty wanty thirsty
I hope is make word unity get cohesively
From them utta Ethiopia from anciently
From is James Bruce of Scotland the book of Enoch carry
The pontiff approach Ethiopia aggressively
Ethiopia manage fe retain her sovereignty
Self rule ina Africa 52 country
Love is the law
Wicked a wipe outta utta
Knowledge increase out ya
He send a burn hot fyah
Seeking the balance for