Stretch Out


Holy Selassie I, for he is King of Kings
I love to see the brothers inited awhoa,
Stretch out in the market place
All who have and have not
Each and everyone can get a likle taste
Love and Inity
Ayyy Imperial
Imperial speed of His Majesty
? Forsake and ?
They bound them out of this space, awhoa
Inited as lion in man sentimental
Which only means seek and destroy
The principals which uproot earth livity
And destroy and mutate, whoa
As inventions in space yo, ay, ay
I love to see the brothers them stretch out in Initiy
Ina the human marketplace
Brotherhood and togetherness
All the have and the who have not
Everyone can get a taste
Whole a space, whole a space, whoa ay
Words of truth, words of inointing
Words of cleansing, words of encouragement
The youth them stampede from foreign
Him make a mistake, he send them oversees
Jah Jah give them strength
Jah Jah give the courage to face the war, the ills of life
Jah Jah give them strength whoa
Jah jah give them strength; give them courage to face the ill toil of man
Ay the base of ?
Jah ruby I love to see the brothers stretch out
No lion nah prowl
Ina ididates
In a humility
Preach the word
Just like sharpening teeth, whips and the speed
All lion a mental capability
Brothers stretch out, work is the best thing
Hold it together in king man strategy
Hear it again
Original knotty ina the vicinity