Spin Doctor


Spin Doctors
Hold them rata-protronics
And? rasta-lectronics
Double negative
The King
Yeah, The king
Yeah,? hes the king
Between fire and the ice
Medium upon the king

Geological constrains
Never could of constrain him
Between the? fire and the ice
Yes hes the king
Dont come around
Dont come around? as no electron
In the spin
In the spin, yeah
Dont come around as electron in the spin
How they spin
Teams of people who be hired
Just to do this thing
Believe it or not
They get on the news and in the room
Sit around and decide how the outcome must come down smooth
And shape it in the news, in the news yeah
10 meses atrás
Dont come round as no electron with the spin
Negative charge
Proton and electron in the nucleus were liven
In the nucleus were liven
Electron on the outside
How come its negative
And the whole thing named after this thing
Yeah,? The spin
Down come roun the spin
Perpetually outside never entering
Yeah, see and this is the makeup of the biomolecular
Atomic thing?
From the foundation it can be seen outside and within
In the spin

All they are electron in the spin
Reductionist mathematics
They are in the spin
How they know a thing
Is the killer thing to know a thing
And then electron with the spin
Yeah, with the spin
They could tell you how it should be
Who is innocent or guilty
Long before? the? trial ever tried in the news free
Yeah, In the spin
Yeah electrons in the spin
News programmin
Yeah, broker come to broke you in the stock market they sing
Yeah, Its like the bills
Or the bulls are running, yeah

Yeah, In the spin
Electrons in the spin
Proton is the positive charge
The neutral dont know what he think
Yeah, in the? spin
But the negative is the electron
In chemistry nough man failed this thing
In the spin
Yeah, in the spin
Dont come roun as no electron in the spin
Perverting, contrasting and? contra-distincting, delineating
And all that mean is falsifying
In the spin
Spin doctors yeah, in the spin