Whole world religion
With no mention of origins
With each one making a criticism
That the others are stiff-necked and dogmatic
But I have noticed there is no disputation
With their own archeo- anthropologists
When they lead them to Ethiopia and Kemet
In their systematic totalitarian Confisciousness , yeah
Multiple diverse philosophies transmit
With hidden agenda and econo-market target
The world roots in Ethiopia
Haille Selassie I posses it
So when you see I,
In I root and origin
And in full recognition of I God and King
Donít approach how you come around talking,
Be respectful of Origins and Kin
Reduction is Final Denominator, Ithiopia again
I guess they advise them to talk and not listen
Approaching conversation like submission to yo mission
These man, man a man, man a firm rastaman
Mandition require wha me say restoration
Mandition still ah talk of safe repatriation
Overstand when the crises become geological
Overstand dem penetrate into the womandition,
Rastaman donít know say hold yo family strong
Just as long as mutual respek is a choice and go long
Mandition is the masking of creation
Incision is nuff mangression dominate creation
Mandition tell we say we fi overcome satan
The new man gene form a woman
Is the sales speech to survive the ditch
Speakin out dem say,
Speak not to the lion
But hit the deep mental switch of female economics
After which, by fowl means centralise it in their grip
Stability of the bird and how attractive is the nest
Tell her choose Ashanti or palace, and fulfil non dung it a level
Just for the braggin rights of it
I save the blanket that the sun accept better yet
These man, man a man, man a firm rastaman
Mandition require wha me say restitution
With a plan and move adjustment in a chain reaction
To withstand the vile and onslaught of the armagideon
Rastaman adaptation in the techno bio-storm
Concoct Musa was a royal African
And dem hide we historical antipulated along
Competition want fi take a talk of blend
Mandition will not profit him out of restriction
Mandition tell dem righteousness and left dung rung
Mandition inah ises say up reason
ManditionÖeh yeah