Powaz Ov Weed


Youth chanting
his ises to Haile Selassie I first

Sent a magician to feel out a soul
alteration now to change your goal
cold scheme to big up a row
deed mind reversal hold
nuff would have long time fold

But the rasta man nah get decieved
ganja lazer bun the old belief
retry and a must retrieve
amoeba stellar solar light a feed
on to INI

Gave jah the powaz of weed
Unto I & I
Unto I & I
Gave Jah the Powers of Weed

seen and again
what if crystal is a pineal ball?
perfect crystals David star small
plant a honey cluster, so why the comb?
news clippings of black woman inna Rome
inna emphasis Anatolia not at home

what is man, what is woman after all?
more than six number word: sexual
invisible dew from the heavens ah fall
blood gets inna details walk
find the truth before the youth crawl

Unto I&I
Unto I&I

Cold judgement getting serve on to the innocent youth inna de game before they knew
how big and how
well, Jah Jah give them more: increase the peace
rain drop her bottom pon banana leaf
it must be love, the earth is well pleased


Well, it is the strong emperor triumphant: a kingciple
they say it is sound, meaning firm.

The crown principle is a prince-ciple
He must honor, he must respect his fathers dignity as the kingciple the precepts of the humble
see it