Peak Tension Time


Love ye one another
Donít let nothing ever tear us asunder
Living ina peak tension time
A heap breaking off now to find
A gamble like splintering a pool pyramid on the table
A super nova ina stardust style
May have to contain yourself to survive

Today the world know what itís like
To depend on a little in life
A lot of ill gotten gains up high
At ease while the world a cry
Or so it seem to the poverty crime
From how the evidence of earth is inclined
To blow a hole ina anything life
To when you cling to your synchronize
Taking the best out of everyday vibes
Wake more alive and feel the heights
Life may ave in some compromise
Hope is not to live and feel bad inside
Thank Jah RasTafari for the simplify
The attitude towards living ones in life
Universal declaration of human rights
Nyabingi beating in their body combine
Looking ina the heart law to observe the mind
Sometimes they steer clear to one side aside
Down ina the ghetto ave them all while
The ancient rock paintings ina Sahara rhyme in de
In this time all kind a wicked regime a resign in de
Rasta dey ya utta unda ganja heights
World do you part in the synchronize
How charity begin at home is life, is life
Love ye one another
Donít let nothing ever tear us asunder