No Evil


Give ear to my words o Jah consider my
Rebuke me not in thy anger, nor chastistise mi
in thy sore
displeasure you jah I love my rock and my
whom shall I fear, no evil man.
When I put my trust the Almighty Jah the only
one creator
the heathen dem shall perish & the wicked man
no prosper
with Jah Jah pon mi side you know mi
conquerquering and to conqure
Hotta fire Bun, to the blasephme & imposter.
fire fi John Pope, and babylon the mother of all
Judgement ca mi Jah have no pity pon no sodom
and Gommora dem wicked inequity.
(Chorus) So mi hafi sing Judgment, Brimstone,
lightening fire pon di earth, when Jah Jah come
wicked stop
with mi rod and mi staff mi trod nya ancient
and mi nah reverse natural travel crossroad.
narrow is Jah Road and who tell me so? cripple
ton pon
de mic burning sodom fi you toed, this is what
i chant
this is what I sing, fire bun babylon.
The vatican gone and destroyed.
(Chorus) With the turban pon mi head mi no
vain mi na poppy show listen to the lyrical vibes
it a flow rastaman a chant nyabhingi fi sure
judgement fi di wicked sodom and Gommora.