Gate keepers and holders of ancient things
Well when i set a medi ina morning its to stay all day.
Well when set a medi in the evening its the same way
When i set a medi with i idren, with i sistren.
First ina morning, meditate on JAH chant a psalms.
Watch life situation, in front and back, in the middle, the whole stock.
When i set a medi (repeat) back it away if not good, come say
When i set a medi it can go long. Quality, ina de medi.
Utterance for restructure, utterance for forbearance.
I utterance, of i forebearance, inna de medi,
Inna de medi. When i set a medi
The people of JAH are still witness to his signs and his symbols,
To his deeds, hes bailin i out, many times pon the route
Why i set a medi. I set a medi.
When i set a medi: is to keep balance inna medi.
When i set a medi. Back it away if it not good, come say.
When i set a medi