Love Is Among


Don’t beat up yourself so love is among helpfulness is among may not be as rich as the other ones this is who we have these are our feelings this is our place. And as of now- prove we can work together now. All we have done stand together proud. Little by little to work life out, now for us to ascend by leaps and bounds cause us only try to hold their crown..

Dr. king and violentry with different turn-out they acted out.. give me my dignity I am a man, some choose different filthy with good opportunity, be not ungrateful to whatever degree goodness reveal thank Jah for the chance to live and feel learned and well expose highly of them they speak affluent and well travel which to keep..

help down the food chain when you reap surplus destroyed because the market saturate and many of the goods sharing the same fate buying and selling among mutual recent atrocity malicious resentment still fresh in memory… Cultivate love and loyalty, cultivate careful temperate speech words make body temperature change degree inside the human being..

Here are the words of his Majesty “we must become something that our upbringing and education has not prepared us to be.” A new races already web-a-mentary dependency. weather affecting the prices of things increase meeting needs in climates of hostilities prerequisite statement of qualities with details that contained they must proofread, Christ said “what you do to the least of these as human beings” justice have-in universality right and wrong how can men agree..