King Ting


Isis unto the Christ Kingly character. King Sellasie
I god you know.
The earth is the lord its the king ting. The melody
of sound it is a sing ting.
Them a destroy all the feeling ova bling ting.
Them a mash up all the friendship in a inkliní.
Have a basket hang up too high ova a bling
ting. When its the king ting. So when ting sing.
Man say hona up rastafari when ting sing, man
say Hailliness upto Sellasie I when ting sing.
Enter the courts with praise. the gates with
thanksgiving, when ting sing, tune rinsiní, when
tune rinsiní.
When the movie industry now is flinching, when
the music industry now is squinching,
like how the judgement of conscience is seeing
Jinn ,rasta man a sing ting, rasta man a win ting.
Yes ye right mind win.
Them come illusion out the earth ya ova bling
ting, ova reach potential and greed into sinking,
industrial systematic high to heavens is stinking.
So mama earth weeping, when ting sing,
praise H.I.M king sing.
As the pugilistic go to corners in the square ring,
from the taxes on the seating its a bling ting,
well the session high to Jah when its the king
ting, when isis is lifting, when ting sing.
Now run go distress the mind to ova reaching,
keep hope and faith inna ya day bring when
ting sing.
so when ting sing.
I give to keep I hona law.I give all praise to a
baba. I light up i herb as spark of fire I rastafari
hona Jah ,
in the middle of peace all who love Jah in earth
all ova whey aga rememba, Jah,
una fe hear this ya, when ting a sing dem know
fe give honor unto the maker and giver of life,
of life.
A rat race the earth into a bling ting, when the
resources dun stretch out to thin dem absent
nuff time
dem na admit ting when ting sing,das when ting
sing, why ting sing, why ting sing.
Sellasie I win ting.