Jewel Inna Africa Horn


Chu them nah go break us down
I and I still ave love and life
As long as of Jah it is given
When sometimes draw around
And conditions in town seek to draw you out
Holding a corner
Or participate ina wha gwan ya
Could you give and take ina such an offer
Then mek it fruitify and live on yah
Have you heard Rasta at all
How people standing tall
Defend them home a yard
And defend them pride abroad
An industrious righteous heart
Preparing the yude fe all
They name call ina Jah roll call
As people mek the best and gwan
Ethiopia is a jewel, a jewel ina Africa Horn, a jewel ina Africa Horn

Jah say if you love me feed I sheep
And they betray their idealistic greed
Suppliers mus feel for the world in need, in need
Demanders mus meet the obligation speed
Tell to the masses you mus put equity to lead
His Majesty spoke universally complete, complete
Nough time migration was from the pressurization sufferation
Nough time adaptation a come down between joy and cataclysm
Before man adjusted the spliff burn down
And still deep ina the meditation
Nough time courses dun set must be run
Like the sparks from brain neurons
Realignment must be fulfilled under the sun
The truth of how man should treat his same self one
Each one is a self same one
But corruption spill over, over run
Every military foreign strong man
Program them instinct upon weapon
Nough a it nah go stop it, it a fi gwan, and so on