Jerusalem School Room


When it was song, as a comfort
Oh Jah heal wid a lightening the breach of His people
And mek them strong throughout the journey, how the Gideon go
Where the under-exposure go have fe wise up and grow
Still pull together wid who Jah gi you
For you done see results and the evidence show
When people pull together and ana row them a row
What is a mountain of problems for economists yo
From dem Greenspan the solution that is not what get show
Ina de movie of life inna out ya so so
Yes itís killers them ave ina the movie a play hero
Who pon the stillness of morning, the old John Crow
Ina Jerusalem school room, careful up ina the current zone
Decisionous place where you walk alone
Lonely place wid the whole big crown around
Next step you ago tek fe secure your own
The currency watch the bills and a beg and a groan
Say donít go give I to them, keep I for your own
The government them self canít pay back the loan
And have the people ina terror, repo man around
Collection agency pon the telephone
Them send dem wid a numbers, collect report
Dung low meet the middle and they joining force
Get to overstand say dem inna de same boat
The top read the polls and get a brief report
To prevent world recession you fe meet half court
With the deficit dissolved can be agreed concourse
Like the Jubilee of Israel purify the host
This is optional to the nations to be proposed
The sympathetic nerves must be comatosed
Writing ina x as in writing ina oís
Well itís just someone to help lift a heavy load
Ina new economy type of a canít afford
Ina the blessed is the child that ago ave his own
Winter colder and summer hotter and neva see before
See so much water ina Frederiksted, jetski and boat a float
Trust ina de mercy of the Lord ina His Majesty throne
Ina Haiti and ina St. Lucia too
Flood waters ina Rio de Janiero
Ah like a Isaiah 30:25 we go