We are gathered here tonight to participate good days and Inights
For the masses of the people to Inite
In this human market
Trodding across the edge of stripes bruises and beatings cry
And if I appear to be urgency this is what is pushing Natty
Chant for the masses to be free chant for equality
Chant for to burn Tampi freely legally in entirety
Well who shall recarnate shaggy?
Stand firm for we are to be free, its a matter of discipline Natty
Trustworthy and family
Before wa dem a talk about familiarity
Selassie I with the social science teach us of no defiance
We surely face brutality reuggerance? Hear the utterance
Were gathered here in simplicity gathered here in balance in temperance
With the maternity contemporarily
Ancient livity in complexity unisell? ..simplicity
For the to be free
Interstellar herbal for Tampi crystally silver and orig? vitality
We are gathered here tonight for the people to experience good earths and heights

Good heights and all Ites, good greeting and rites
for our heritage is sharing and bargain and trade and not for money people be denied
man been forced to stand aside, continually forced degraded to swallow pride
Black man are bonafide skilled youth and livicated to try
In the meeting place of all I and I Jah all upon your heart man fe right woman fe right heal it upon sight?
We are gathered here in balance and temperance
Gathered here to improve the state of our union and communion
Not blood fusion who a dem whe a talk about we
Watch dem a eat from the body of Christ
Savage ina dem right Melche Sedek order dem keep ina dem gun sight

The taxes of the earth,the taxes upon imports upon exports things with which them not aligned dem nah grow it, dem nah haff it cant supply, cant deliver.

Defiant and aslaved?