Hunger And Thirst


Hunger and thirst, Hunger and Thirst. The Earth
Hunger and Thirst, Hunger and Thirst
Hunger and Thirst after righteousness. Thirst.
Hunger and Thirst.
Long standing stone and still standing Bunny
Fraternal paternal and protective custody.
This sounded like original and parental is what
it should be.
But not so is the long arm of the law reaching in.
And now be in the role of the lawful Trinity,
the rescuer sympathize with the decadence in
and call any objection to chaos “already guilty
So watch now the whole world ready to be
aware of prophesy.
Hunger and thirst (4X)
The sound drain that cut off of oxytocin to their
The ostrich ina the symptoms, sand head in the
it was the deep ocean laser satellite beam the
to discredit a social situation is a military game.
For some kind of constant bragging contact they
need to draw near
to the feet of the mystery destitution delicious and
the fear,
these are usually in contact with two sides here
and there.
Here and ova there.
Hunger and thirst. After Righteousness.
Babylon ina dem arrogance dem nonchalance
and deep seated,
consider themselves so mentally – that none can
find them;
beware of intention and destruction
psychological warfare,
Haile Selassie I JAH incline your ear.
Hunger and Thirst (3x)
Hear the cry of I and I; the arm and legs of the
and the chair man of the board it’s seems was
boring them to tears,
and there was by requested to be sent into the
head-lite a deer.
So they sent the update interfere o-meter to
they split the picture and bounce the image to
Rastafari inter-facing from celestial ties into
machinery to keep for time,
cutting edge to syncronize all the he’s the right
now that is reaching to the lowest
heights of right tonight.
Hunger and Thirst