Feel Like Praise


Feel like givin Hailie I’s unto Jah, Feel like givin
No bother present no obstacle to Jah
move out of Jah Jah ways,
these are theliving days, these are the gideon
battle ground
of time, when crime pays.
In New York ina di early days of fall
when the rising sun delay, as the smog
dere cova away, as the wages of sin is payday.
out of California cataclysm of a summer
still they maintain the herb up dere, Oregon and
all dey dere, food be galore up dere.
(Chorus) All these strings of lionage quickly
are united over everywhere the barrier dere, the
rasta preseve the life today, praise Jah
jah right away, mostly at work to play,
thank Jah for given’ I such a rewarding
internal place where I-man can stay
where I man can let Jah Jah have his way ,
let Jah Jah have his way.
(Chorus) Haile ways, I man I say thank Jah for
Haile waysExpressions and precepts and how fe
go about it, Rastafari lead de way,
Rastafari lead the way.
It feel to them like judgment
a come down right now
it just a move check mate,
that what the glass ceiling say
remove the judge he cawn judge the
the one of bigger who, remove without
delay now that just how polytrics stay
and then the senate floor get vicious yea,
a so anywhere a backbone come stand
up in dere, once defend the Rastafari
way, thats the Iniversal way, plant medicine
food medicine, colon fi cleansin’ your
endocrine, not evil Ina swallow’n inna
dem doctrine, earth is really made for rasta livi’n
(Chorus) No bada come present no obstacle
to Jah, wanna hear move outa Jah Jah way
Dragon and Serpent move outa Jah Jah way