Fallen Soldiers


Fire Fire Fire Fire Fire
Playing around with the peoples Isaiah
World Wide cannot seem to redeem them outta hunger
Rastaman a cultivate Jah ina agriculture
Respect to the man dem whey a hold the Horse order
Trotting sideway canta blood the head
Lift higher

Fire fire

Dune buggy sound like it a hold 12 cylinder
Shade outta unda shanty
Ah reason of the Emperor
Lion of Judah Emperor of Ethiopia

Coronate 1930 ina Addis Abeba
David descent ina linear root ya
John the Baptist was the cousin of Yahushua
HIM Haile Selassie is the kinsman of Yahushua
The Valley of Nazareth dread dung pression for the bloodline
out ya

Same Iron storm drinking Petrol ina the area
Ganja sanctify life ina tenament out ya
Fallen soldier chronicles reading off like a Narnia

Lion to the oath His Majesty done got
Dun say war until them adjust them temperature
Crystalline gleaming a eyes red a fire
Holding to the principle of an honorable order
Qadamawi Ababa Qeddus to all mountains ina the area

Dread man pon the ground with silver core of 9 ether
Grip Jah like ah hurricane force of winds wha
Drifting the people into terror into danger

Fire Fire Fire Fire Fire