Earth Is The Lords


On to the King of Kings
The earth is the Lordís and the world is his plan
Universal human fight need consultation
The forces show the force of instant devastation
That means every moment is precious and useful
Seek sincerity and action highest expression
Search out the root of a matter well before you rush to judgment
Again and still the words of the Emperor Abyssinian
Speak to judgment the world situation solution
First and second class citizens in every nation
What donít you ovastand ova stand no man
Haile I Selassie I the First as Jahovah ina man
Abraham to the twelve tribes ina every nation
Into the peak operational technological
Onto grounds man and harvest Rasta to every one
The earth is the Lordís and the world is his plan

Critical delineation I can hear them now
Fine tuning dialectics, discussing the how
But the how without know is a stray out loud
Thereís a stray out loud high official mouth
Resource is the truth in the root of what itís all about
In the first place they wouldnít be able to suppress such a freedom shout
If you hadnít supplied them the arms to assert dictator clout

Always tell you with the very important piece left out
It just business the exportation of weapon whoís the biggest bout
Supply the third world disparity wid nozzle for gasoline guns out
Overly ambitiously trying to sweep the world house out
Wid rebellion among friends and allies they paint white the house
Calcination and pacification, purification they saying, kinetic
burn them out , Burn them out
Innocent blood shed from the valley to the alley ina Tivoli
Waiting for a spectacle of sorcerer word transfusion
How them ago speak up to justify such naked aggression
How many details can your sound bite fill in
The chairman of the board of war time contractors
Making sure order invader investor the thing
Confident desperation ina the military wing
The highest generals of tactical application reluctant
Knowledge of the danger ina de field urging caution
Turn round mek it an issue of gender oblivion
With strong presumption assertion, whoa
Itís like a policy of hit first and then try to ovastand
Simultaneously having a systemic transformation
Socialism is the backbone of the bail out plan
Meritocracy within theocracy monarchy constitutional
Abba Janhoy Abba Kiddus and I will publish the righteous goal
I focus the eye in I and I to strive
Them a step pon working man pride wid pure big time
Haile I Haile I Haile I
A short tactical operation how they narrow it down
They say these are the ideological root of the danger zone
Wish to put any objection as an obstacle out of the land and home
Then again who live by the sword again die by the sword, seen.
The earth is the Lordís
The earth is the Lordís and the world is his plan
The earth is the Lordís and the world is his plan world is his plan