Double Speak


ďAs the Sudanese done say, . . .???Ē

What them a do inna them doublespeak?
What them a do inna Sudan today inna them doublespeak?
What a man a do July 2004 inna Sudan inna them doublespeak?

Refugee by the hundred thousand
Runniní from their land and home, runniní from the brush and comb
The governments of the world, the whole a them inna complicity
We found the whole a them guilty
Arabic nations who claim say, people offend them with
The same thing right now what them a do inna Africa
Remove the ancient people from them border

What them a do ya now inna them doublespeak?
What them a do ya inna them Gematria?
Word tongue twista look Jah Jah
It is the serpent `pon Earth
Love ie one another

Hear! They said for human right violation
They come for certain country come save the people
The people hungry by the hundred thousand
Drought and necessity pull them ribcage
Burn up with a cloud `fore the people see
Woman canít feed them they pickney

You bust a nuclear gun for doublespeak
What is this high land resource and gwaan along them coutryside and

What them a do inna Sudan ya?
July 2004 inna the era
Pure gangland wholesale mass murder
Hail the Emperor! Jah!

I can feel it down in me belly
All down inna me tummy up top me for hungry
When you look upon the Babylonian brutality
Inna doublespeak
Split tongue of diverse places
Started out as one, end up as two
You done know the betrayal and deceit come through

What them a do inna Sudan ya?
Them claim say man has infringed `pon them area
So what them a do inna Sudan ya?
Them doublespeak
I and I Rastafari come stand first as the faith defender
Because of enexplored land and natural resources
They know natural gas existiní by the millions of the gallons
Not the pounds nor the ounces
As soon as Babylon ancient judgment pounces
The Lion of Judah announces
ďThe new day and time is here!Ē
We come burn out them doublespeak
Slip out the serpent tongue below the root where the split go
One road ya canít follow inna the other road
Fi go negative and positive and we donít have normal