To the Most High, to the Most High
Jah Ras Tafari
population inversion, yeah, red shift, doppler effect, upon a person you can see it, say
ahhh, for dominion
x 7

ehh’ until our town ?, up and down , partition the movement of cloud, ahhhh
seeping, seeping in, seeking for simpleton. yeah.
the old and the diseased, and the friend and the victim, for dominion x5

laser infrared
hadron finding
quantaum quantaparticle,
spectral shifting,
only mean, your emotions of demon interlock, lock away,
in your interdemensional rhythm say.
know one know you belive, the characters have long left the seen.


but babylon a seek dem things, you’ll find dominion,
population inversion
it should have been a pretty song, it should have been a pretty song

but, is for dominion x3

yeeahhhh, what is it we going to mobilize aeeehhh,
oneness must come together, itinualize,
quantum speed, yeah, for they know in/game? theory
the closer together they stick, the harder to break, yah, for dominion
for dominion, I seek my nation, for dominion

well, for simplicity I will witness to be here,
to speak as witness
98.6 degree, all of the earth is tropical
any kind of man
any kind of homeo genealogical, any kind of inversion,

yeahh, seeking the equatorial, the sun ray basin, yeeehh

ahhhhh, the asteroid belt is a gold mine
to literally mind
and seek it out, for mineral and for diamond.
to the Most High to the Most High,
but when they cut it open, they only find I and I again, carbon.

for dominion x 3

domination, what them get damnation.
for dominion

it should have been a pretty song how the riddim strong
but is for dominion x4

I seek my nation, it should have been a pretty song