Closed Societies


As there been victories, yah know? His Majesty, Hail Selassie Jah Rastafari
Couldve been grace and beauty
But? look what it turned out to be
Living in a closed society
Internationally interwoven community
Work of material vanity, yeah
Nations of the world
Intelligency of sociology
Penetrating our community
The new war, in town and country
A Closed Society
Of people who have been forced, to shut down
Drinks and food selling? like ganja hustle smooth and quite down

Because of? what weve been through we know
Soon they will be coming for their cut
Drop you in financial rot, Rot
Forced to be a? closed society
A closed society
Closed society
Intelligency a who not know what theyre talking about
Political misjudgment, based upon
Projection of your paranoia and insanity
Closed societies, closed societies
Right up in the heart of your inner city
Closed Societies, closed societies
Poor people been forced to be

Fisherman net size, taxes
They say his money is too? easy
Daily, facing the possibility
of I annihilation at the depths of the see
They say his money come too easy
A closed society
If it is true, contribution
To the? place where you eat where you live where you sleep
One tenth of this despoil is mention that this taxes, is valid
But thirty percent and more, yeah yea ya
Governmental agency come settle the score, you owe
So pay now or Repo, Re-po, RE-PO
Closed Societies
Results be closed society