Bless and guide King Selassie I
Both of them, Choices, good and evil
Document, sound like a boat is involved
Boat show turns to show boat,
No dis away, tell them Rasta say
No never mind, I no troublesome
No never mind I, this holy plant choose wisdom
And it is true, it is one we over lean on…lean on yeah
Fatigues are the over use of your function
Reality have it on, upon the main gun
Who am I talking, I and I
I and I hope the strive is for the good man to live and the serp-intention to unwind…
Reptilian by camera mind, the canopic mouth of the Nile
Papyrus speaks in such aeration still appear to be be dry
And these things in hair and skin are specific to geography
Where come from I, Africa, where come from I?
Come from I, I and I, Rastafari
They see me semi peak of tears, the merchant’s stare
The displayed feathers for years, display your wears
And your whereabouts don’t care
All the she and I, is kiss and tell your year
Do you hear?
It is a trivial mentality over feed the tricks and risk
The one tribe went even the nine for six
All ten they over estimation incidents into clenched fists
A scalpel aroma of liquid smoke to live
You bring, burn and bring us who still have not heart for this
At your own risk…at your own risk…yeah
It takes raw courage, Selassie I
To fear not the model of the multitudes reply
How despised, it takes an inspired heart to seek to keep love and joy
Revelations and disclosures now, I and I wants..
Force the made not soul to bond and still lost of culture it know know how
I and I, who am I talking, I and I
And I hope and I strive for the good man to live and the serp-intention to die
To unwind…reptilian by camera mind
Rastafari, the canopic mouth of the Nile
Papyrus reads in saturation still appear to be bone dry
All these things in hair and skin, depending on where you’ve been
Where you from, who you’re in..