Chant Arda


Yeah,? donít tell babylon we have our Arda
Follow the ancient Arda
For so is out of respect of (barter)
Rastaman a chant our Arda of (Atonda)
(Crave it of? Alusa Fioca) and people learn to do things better

If a blood never get a rootical cleanser
Then you please not pollute and stagnate these stream of water
Who they claim and bank-up and corrupt
When they look again it is a get up and stand up
A stand up a stay up and a stand up rev-up
like how the fire make whole of data break up
(Patwa bubble up? Who can so generous
Jah Jah have bring them up and bless them up full your cup
To? cultivate well not a green a strain up, Such jealous
Who cultivate such syrup, watch how their moving so hard and callus

Who that be speaking got an edge like syrup
To get up, learn up, and lean? up and blunt up
(Make the drinks set up, our drinks are whats up)
What are the whole of sugar and sugar? up
The good done bless up, who got the respects
(Makes the chillest cup), who spoke of Navatican from dawn to dust
And a HIM say who brought the Sensie honor sure get A +
Who love Jah Jah and they appear dangerous you know
Who got the (biggest and itís not enough)

And (itís them who doubt Jah when the itol share enough)
Customarily rastafari praise Selassie I enough
In a world (reminiscent interpret characteristic) bluff
State of false security donít appear to tough
Itís like (railing in liberty way couldnít keep the sky hold up)
A Blast (to the fruit of earth is done under us)
Man (gone laden down to the ground truly man go? under us)
(Up in with our? liberties the possibilities sky up)
High over our audience of Jah the words stand up

Lord watch The, jah watching over us
We are the (preeminent predictions of them other wicked standards)
Thats the biggest industry and them canít concur us
Some of the people look directly enough un-officious
( the money clean and? precious)
While tread up under us, set upon gallop
And I said (insect damage engine)? from 36,000 feet up
Any ignorant cause them goiní take it up
When them look in the eve of right is absent from the make up

(The place that them assure-us-sugarous)them brake us, take us
(Cul-triple and brake us), upon heel of our Isis
Our earth as nough, Haile I Selassi (is the emperor the cup)
For they all stop and nervous, because it is earth
If we are ebony we must defend Haile I? Selassie enough
Hey rastaman greed is the thunderous yeah root of the earth
(Not upon cheetah would tell you) african culture is biblical indigenous
Whoa rastaman just when you think enough? is enough
look again and you see then a notch turn up
Just in time to be (collectible in constant up)
Pride and disgrace I upon the same terrible-ous
(Full ? pride upon you feel rather cuss)
(Selassie Bless us respect )
All the nations tell them why them drink blood cup
Set upon them galloup upon develop them tourist
none of them be ready be if it? could be ( )
Court of many colors and dirty pieces that them set
All them still get bust, whole from tenacity