Foundation From Birth

Louie Culture

Yea Man, A dat dem a gwaan wid
Wuh Yoi, wuh yoi yoi yoi
Ragga, Ragga
Wuh yoi, wuh yoi yoi yoi

Verse 1:
Im like a puzzle whey fi figure and a hard nut fi crack
A real nerve digger straight from Jamrock
Some call mi dirty nigger thru mi carry mi dreadlocks
A smile inna mi face an waan fi stab mi inna mi back

But wi nuh bow down low yuh mussi mad wi couldn't do that
Foundation From birth
Although the runnings slow ghetto youths haffi hit jackpot
Wi Know whey life worth

Verse 2:
Well I say hail up Rastafari inna mi flex, yes
An den mi big up all mi true friends next
Hail up all the female sex, yes
Wi big dem up whole heap a funny bwoy vex,
Rex As a man whey wear pants and shirt
The duty is to make love to the blowse and skirt
Yes mi wi hail Norbert
Nuff respect to mi brethren Wilbert
But from the woman dem wi naah divert
It nuh worth for us to dis mumma earth


Verse 3:
Mi know it ruff, mi know it hard
Up in abroad, dung inna yard
Every where dat yuh guh the bigger heads a draw card
Now its a fraud, a di morgue nuff a dem heading towards
Blessed my Lord
Ghetto people pon guard


Verse 4:
Its been so long that we've been down
Now we have found the solid ground Emperor Selassie I he sits upon the throne
Know my fight, dat nuh right, we shall all unite
And organise and centralise and ragga must see the light


Repeat Verse 1